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Phænomind ® is a program that helps you make decisions. Your decisions are calculated, documented and explained methodically and professionally.
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What we do

PhænoMind ®

Making decisions is often hard work. And despite computers, there aren't many tools for this kind of work. Because making decisions requires real intelligence. And that's exactly what computers struggle with.

State your options


Rate your criteria

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Options or alternatives are the factors about which you must make a decision. Ask for additional options.



Decisions can be made using different methods. Phænomind ® simultaneously uses utility analysis (CUA) and the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)



Your decision is based on criteria. You can enter these or have them suggested. Criteria have different values for each of your options or alternatives.



Decisions are constantly calculated on your system independently and simultaneously. This enables mutual influencing of decisions in real time

dual system

Emotional & Technical

Our brain has two halves: science assigns emotions to the right side, social behavior and the famous “gut feeling” are said to be there. So the "e" in the symbol. The left side is responsible for the "ratio", i.e. for reason. There the scientist and the engineer think in numbers. So the "a" for the data.

Quantitative determination of the optimal alternative


Qualitative comparison of all options according to criteria

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Box grid


A decision is never left alone

There is always a whole network of interconnected decisions. And all influence each other. Phænomind can calculate them all together simultaneously until a viable, logical result is determined.

Form a network of your decisions


Calculate everything simultaneously in the background

Special wishes or requirements?

If you need advice or support in implementing your decision-making structure, please use our contact form.

You want to try PhænoMind?

Please register with us and you will have the opportunity to test PhænoMind extensively. There are different versions available, depending on your needs.

Version 1.2 with some improvements

We have completed an update to version 1.2 for PhænoMind. Here is the list of adjustments: Moving bubbles under Windows has been changed to "Drag+Drop" - it's faster and looks better Function keys under Windows are now all with Ctrl+Alt+Key There is now an FAQ on the website The bug reporter became improved Problems with help and manual on Windows fixed Printing of Likert values has been improved The...

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Professional decisions

A good decision is a decision that remains correct after a long time and with changing conditions. Unfortunately, many decisions can no longer be understood after a few months or years. This is the case if they have not been taken and documented professionally. When are decisions professional? Professional decisions do not have to be transparent to the rest of the world. But she...

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useful information

Everything you need to know about PhanoMind: The most important resource is our video page - there you can find a video with an introduction to decision-making. A video with a demo of the program can also be found here. And finally a video about why decisions are so important. Another source of information is our news, which is stored in Blog. The posts can also be filtered by category on the right...

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